How do I create a fursona?

Even if I am not creative

At first, many people who want to break into the furry community may be intimidated by how intensely creative we are, but don’t let that stop you! There are so many ways to express your furriness - through costumes, dance, written stories, and of course through visual art. 

The furry fandom hosts some of the best artists on the Internet. In fact, there is a long-standing joke that all of the famous comic book and animation artists these days get their start by drawing furry commissions on sites like deviantArt, Tumblr, and Twitter. 

Why is art so huge in the furry community? Because it helps us visually our inner fursona and make it seem more real. To imagine it is one thing, but to be able to see and touch it, that’s something else entirely. That’s where our fursona mini idea came from - we wanted to be able to create our fursonas and hold it in our hands, and we wanted to help others bring theirs to life. 

And what if you aren’t quite sure which fursona you should be? OR - what if you have different fursonas for different moods? Fursonas are fluid and it often takes a while before you hit on a fursona that you feel really reflects what you want to reflect. Some people even have multiple fursonas for different sides of their lives or different groups. There is only one certainty to being a fursona: you are in complete control. 

Being able to try out different versions of your furry self, hold them in your hands, take them with you, put them on your desk - it’s incredibly empowering.


Finding your Fursona Species

But wait! What IS your fursona in the first place? Let’s discuss how to find your fursona. Don’t worry: you can always find a new fursona later on if your first inclination doesn’t work out. Some people even have multiple fursonas for different sides of their lives or different groups. There is only one certainty to being a fursona: you are in complete control.

You may know right away, like a lightning strike, that you’re a rabbit. For others, it may take a little more self exploration to find out which fursona suits you best. Again, you may be a different furry in different situations! 

To find out where to start, you can take our quiz, or you can ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a particular animal you have always felt drawn to? Like a spirit animal, if you are Native American?
  • Did you have a treasured pet as a kid (or even an adult!), like a favorite cat that just, somehow, gets you? What about an imaginary pet that you always wanted, like a unicorn?
  • Is there a deeper, psychological trait that an animal is known for that you feel like suits you? Or perhaps a trait that you wish you had and want to use your fursona to bring into yourself? For instance, one furry on a the furry forum, Furaffinity, said:

    My fursona is a North American porcupine, and I admire the fact that porcupines don't actively seek out trouble, but are equipped to defend themselves if trouble seeks them instead, they just take life as it comes, but they're not victims. I've been around real porcupines before, and I just think they're cool. Also, it doesn't seem like there are a lot of porcupines in the furry fandom, and I wanted a fairly unique animal as my 'sona.” - Anaodracs


    • Is there an animal that you feel like shows up in your dreams, or maybe just in your daily life that always seems to speak to you? Maybe even literally?


    “I don't think I mentioned how I got mine. One night I was asleep and within I'd say 4 hours, a bird came into my dream as said "StarBeak". After that he opened his wings and everything got smaller under him as I was taken up by his talons as I saw the world beneath me shrink. I then saw stars, the planets, and the sun. As I got closer to the sun everything got white, I closed my eyes in my sleep, and woke up. Needless to say my fursona was based on this dream. - Starbeak


    • Maybe it’s a mixture of multiple animals-- yes! That’s allowed.


    I always felt strongly connected to canines, even often feeling like i'm missing a tail that I should have but don't. I love dragons and wanted wings like one so I gave some to my sona, and that's how I found/made mine. Most details in his personality are my actual traits as well, excluding those about his brother. (I don't have one) - Abyssalrider


    • Ask your loved ones what animal they think most represents you and why. Even if you strongly disagree, this may be enough to get you to think about the qualities and traits you do have and which animals you might have an affinity for.

    Yes-- your fursona can be just about anything that speaks to you. The best part about making a fursona is that you do not have to pass any kind of test to prove that your fursona is a dragon instead of fox.


    Here are some examples of some of the more popular furry types:

    This is by no means all inclusive.  You can be anything you want, this is just to guide you into the some of the more popular options.

    Wolf -

    Revered in cultures all around the world, the wolf might have negative connotations (thanks, Big Bad Wolf!) But traditionally, wolves are spiritual guardians and pathfinders. They are wonderful paternal figures, and while they’re similar to the ever-popular dog, they’re also more exotic and mysterious. Awoo!

    Bat -

    Nineties kids have a good reason for loving bats: FernGully: The Last Rainforest and the animated Anastasia film both featured anthropomorphic bats. Like wolves, bats are often considered villians in the modern world, but they represent eccentricity, intuition, and rebirth. All great qualities for any furry.


    Goats are a rarer fursona, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worthy. Goats have been bonded with humans for a long, long time, and they are represented in even the oldest of mythologies. The masculine goat represents male virility and creative energy, whereas the female goat represents feminine sexuality, power, and abundance. And the first goat furry ever? The Greek God Pan, protector of the forest.

    Fox -

    Foxes and wolves have almost consistently been tied for the most popular fursona out there. Why not? They’re cute, curious, mischievous and heroic. A long running joke attributes the popularity of red foxes in the fandom to the animated Disney classic, Robin Hood. (Seriously. Watch it!) But nine tailed fox-women, called Kitsune, have been a part of Japanese folklore for hundreds of years. And in Chinese ghost stories, the fox often is an immortal changeling who appears as a beautiful woman just to seduce a man and rob him of his virile power before changing back into a fox and running off.

    Deer -

    Like goats, deer might seem like a surprising choice for a fursona. But as the Cervine International on Furaffinity says, “Raise your tail up and bleat!” Deer folk are often symbolic of gentleness and innocence, making them a great fursona for a brand-new furry.

    Horse -

    Did you ever watch Bojack Horseman and think, “Wow, that’s what I want to be!” Not a failed actor, of course, but an anthropomorphic horse! Unlike Bojack, horse furries are often depicted as having hooves for hands, although not always. If you want thumbs, you can have thumbs! Now here’s the real question that’s plagued the furry fandom for generations: is a centaur considered a horse furry? There will never be a consensus. 

    Dragon -

    Dragons are powerful, beautiful creatures, so it’s easy to see why that form attracts so many furries. Since they don’t classically have fur, dragons are often considered a subset of furry called a scalie, and they can often have featured wings, or beautiful coats and manes. Dragons are popular with furries who are interested in the magical, mystical side of life.

    Cat -

    When people say that their fursona is a cat, they usually mean a domesticated cat. Although don’t worry-- there are lions, tigers, and every other kind of feline out there, too. Anthro cats owe their history to countless cartoon characters, like Garfield, Sylvester, and Tom of Tom and Jerry fame. But today’s furry cats are portrayed as quick, beautiful, and even sexy.

    Hyena -

    Hyenas are a surprisingly popular figure in the furry fandom. Thanks to Disney’s The Lion King, they often get a less than stellar rap. In reality, hyenas are powerful hunters, admired for their tenacity and strong jaws (as well as their bizarre laughs).

    Rabbit -

    For every predator, there’s always prey. Rabbits are found all over the world, so it’s no surprise that there is a fair share of rabbit furries. Rabbit furries are typically energetic and cunning people. The original rabbit fursona? Bugs Bunny, of course.

    Dog -

    Of course, dogs are often considered one of the more common fursonas out there, just like their brethren, wolves and foxes. Many people in the West grow up with dogs as pets, so it’s easy to see why people feel connected to them. They are more approachable than wolves, and perceived as less self-absorbed than foxes. Perhaps the most popular fursona dog breed? The Alaskan Malamute or Husky.

    Bear -

    Bears are easily in the top ten of most popular fursona animals. They are particularly common among Native American furries. Countless anthropomorphic bears color childhood in the West, from Paddington and Winnie the Poo to the Berenstain Bears, Disney’s Brother Bear, and Teddy Ruxpin.